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Meet the chef
Meet the Belvu chef Kevin Mougin

Meet Kevin Mougin

Experience the culinary talent of Chef Kevin Mougin, a true virtuoso of Asian flavors and Polynesian cuisine. With an unwavering passion for gastronomy, Kevin has traveled the islands of French Polynesia, honing his craft for several years. His expertise in exotic kitchens is reflected in his delectable small plates to share, where every bite is an explosion of exquisite flavors. Today, you can savor his talent at Lloyd and Belvu Terrace, where he delights guests' taste buds with his unique creations. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable culinary journey with the delights of Chef Kevin Mougin.


  • Monday - Friday: 11:30AM - 11PM
  • Saturday - Sunday: 11AM to 11PM*

*Our kitchen is closed between 3PM and 4PM Monday to Saturday.